Saturday, February 20, 2010

design collection by 1AEON

here's some of the artwork was done by 1AEON. I'm still collecting the designs to showcase them all..and just realized, that it's not as easy and there's a bit more than what I remembered..haha
well here is a small collection:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

design for hire

In case you don't already know, we personally design all of our t-shirts. We have hand-built all of our own screens as well as printing 98% of the t-shirts so that every aspect of our service is customized. it's all good, and you might have heard of all this crap, BUT we ALSO design for others... some of these clients are crazy bands, companies, hackers, super-intelligent ladies and gentlemen or simply just friends that need designs coming from the same place where all the 1AEON creatures were born. Some of our clients: NYC Resistor, Makerbot Industries, Sara P. Duke Garden,, Death By Audio, Bre Pettis's THINGS. Bands: Dirty on Purpose, A Place to bury Strangers, Gospel, Tombs, Summer Lawns, Bridge to Solace, Sleep to Death, Magnetic North, Made Out Of Babies, The Red Romance, Looker, Death Valley High..etc You can see the latest designs for NYC RESISTOR- a great company, and some other ideas for Makerbot and Death Valley High. if you are looking for some design please contact us on etsy,twitter,myspace,facebook..etc (look for 1AEON) This is the New website that is dedicated for designing.

makerbot t-shirt

1AEON design for Markerbot!!
At the end of 2009 I created this crazy design for Makerbot industries!
It captures the essence of the Makerbot philosophy: Something from nothing with "magic". What is really knowledge. These guys know what they are doing, trust me on this one..
one of my favorite design..