Monday, March 29, 2010

own faves

these guys two of my favorite tees/design i made for 1AEON..still waiting for the moment when i meet someone on a street in one of these, despite the fact that i even gave a bunch to my friends, it haven't happened yet haha! oh well..
fact: the hands and knives over the skull are glow-in-the-dark.

*1AEON-Astronaut Angel tee (one-of-a-kind, yellow over black w/plastisol ink)
*1AEON What Goes Around, Comes Around tee (purple and light white w plastisol,waterbase inks)

Monday, March 15, 2010

new website layout

New website layout for 1AEON.
I liked the idea of 2 foxes, they are symbolizing the two different, main interest that we have. 1. is the t-shirt line/fashion/photography aspect of it, and 2. the design and vision part. They are connected and overlap each other just as in life. That is 1AEON:). Every other links are take places between the 2 main links- as i do this 2 things as priority and the rest of them like the social network sites and such, would fall between them. The two side link's hover colors represents: gold (dirty yellow) and silver (blue) as different, but both highly important classified value!


t-shirt designs for NYC Resister

shirt designs for NYC Resister. I love these guys a lot, super smart group!
here's 2 older one (top) and 1 new design (bottom), all were hand silkscreened by 1Aeon with grey on black.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the older opening page "bird logo" (for

I really liked this opening page, it looked like it's symmetrical, but's not haha..

t-shirt design for A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS

t-shirt design for A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS. I love these guys , love the music and love the band!
God Bless Ollie and his guitar pedals too (Death By Audio)!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

t-shirt design for - Sleep to Death

t-shirt design for - Sleep to Death.

t-shirt design for - The Cheap Speakers

t-shirt design for - The Cheap Speakers.
After a long ride yesterday i finished The Cheap Speakers (Canadian rock band) t-shirt design.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

banners for the 1AEON Etsy store

here's some of the banners i made for etsy (760x100)..

Sleep to Death/ Pristina flyer

Made a flyer for the March 08.10 Sleep to Death/Pristina show in a few colors..
This is one of my favorite things to do. not only because Im such and old school guy, but like to work with bands and make something, that really no one cares, but these bands (if they care at all..haha).